I googled Tegoshi and found this. If you

Friends Only?

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Three-Quarter Friends (?) Only
Most of my posts are public but some of the
"in-depth, get to know me better,"-type posts are def f-locked.

I'd like it if you comment before adding so that I could get to know you.
A simple "Hello. I'm ____. And you seem REALLY COOL!" Would be okay~

I'd like to meet new people,
especially if we share some common interests
... and we can fangirl about Tegoshi
or any other JE boy on my "top list",
which will I have to come around to fixing ...
Please don't mind my lack of html skillz ^_^;;
AND YES, that's SKILLZ with a "Z" XD


And because I think these are so cool.
I decided just to put it here ^^
I googled Tegoshi and found this. If you

this news about NEWS...

first of all.. OHISASHIBURI~!!

man oh man... so even though i havent been fangirling as much as i used to.. my heart was definitely crushed when i found out Pi and Ryo left the band @_@ like wth?! *sigh... i know theyre human and they are free to do whatever they want.... but..... ahh... i really dont know what to say! lol. im speechless..

its just kinda hard to accept since i became their fan right when they came back as a 6-member group. i guess this is how older NEWS fans felt when uchi and kusano left.. i hope that now that Pi and Ryo are gone that Kei-chan Shige Massu and Tego will have more upcoming events!!!

the only thing we can do as fans right now is to continue to support the remaining members of NEWS.

i will forever support you boys!! <33333
NEWS = Never Ending Wonderful Story.

well, i shall go back to preparing for my interview tmr. oh how the real world sucks. jaa ne minna <3

i'd hate to spam your f-list~

but i really need to get these off my hands~!!

if you havent seen my post on je_sales that i made with my sales account.. here it is ^_^

well, i have some new magazines for sale~ mostly from 2007!


popolo -- mar 2006, april 2008
myojo -- oct 2006, sept 2009
potato -- april 2006, sept 2009
wink up -- feb 2007, feb 2008
duet -- feb 2006, jan may aug dec 2007, feb mar 2008, jan 2009
oricon style -- 3/19 2007, 11/12 2007, 3/10 2008
gyao -- apr 2008
oristar -- 9/7 2007
tv guide -- 9.1 2006, 6.15 2007, 2.15 2008, 5.2 2008
tv japan -- 9.20 2009
tv weekly -- 9.4 2009
news photobook
hiromode photobook
magazines posted here with previews&descriptions~!!

news pacific tour -- tego uchiwas
tegomasu no uta 1st live - tshirt, tegomasu and tego clearfiles
24 hour terebi goods 2009
dreamboys 2009 -- pamphlet, tego clearfile

DVDS -- happy feet feat tegoshi, shabake 1&2, shisshou dead run LE
CDS -- news summertime and taiyou no namida RE, kinki kids E album
Misc -- news calendar 09/10, blank uchiwas, unoff tego signboard, unoff news notepad, keitai straps

soon to post...
+tons and tons of tego and news official shop photos
+news group spring concert 2007 poster
+tegomasu no uta 1st live group poster

please dont forget to read the terms and conditions! thanks ^_^
I googled Tegoshi and found this. If you

you guys probably already figured this out but ...

  • until I get caught with my school work
  • stop working long hours to pay bills @_@
  • and I finish my Japan trip post from 3 months ago!
If my inactiveness makes you want to de-friend me I understand :( But I'll probably still be on to leave some of you guys comments and what not... but I won't be posting for a while now (MAYBE UNTIL THE HOLIDAYS?) I'll probably see you guys on MSN or Facebook so just add me or something~!

happy early 22nd birthday tegoshi <333


My poor poor laptop :(

Oh wow! LJ has finally changed the 10 year anniversary page to some XBOX thing! I was just thinking yesterday that they had the 10 year thing up for a while @_@

School has started... and it's the same...
I've been slacking but I get the work done so it's whatever.

I'm still working on my Japan Trip post... it'll be up soon! .. hopefully before next week XDDD

Well, for those of you who don't know.. My laptop screen cracked :( You know why?! Cause I'm stupid enough to put it into my check-in and of course the luggage people are gonna throw it around @_@ and so there... my screen looks like this:

I put it in my check-in before when I came back home from my JAPAN08-09 Trip. But I guess it's cause I came back from the Philippines that it turned out like that ;__; Well, like a day after coming home I just bought a wireless keyboard and mouse and a VGA and hooked my laptop onto my 26 inch.. and now it's really nice~ heh.

But I still miss having a laptop. I was going to get a new comp but no funds. I think I'll get a netbook or something for class and when I travel and all.. on BLACK FRIDAY, heh. But you know what surprises me? I'm not as sad about my laptop as I thought I'd be. I guess it's cause I was more sad about being home, lol.

Ahhh~ but DREAMBOYS! OMG. Tegoshi is so FI-ZINE! I wish I could go~ But no money. I'm glad Aishah is helping me get the goods though! THANKS AISHAH <33 I really had to debate which goods I wanted cause of my financial status, lol. I have some stuff that I bought from Japan that I don't really need so I'll just sell those~ And I'm lucky that people are buying my books on Amazon! WOOOOT! I just feel bad that my parents are giving me gas money @_@ I need to go back to work fo' real. But I really need this break. I'm thinking about substituting elementary kids. I heard it makes good money so I'll try it! I think I'll make double of what I get as a cashier!!

AND OMG!! ONE TREE HILL SEASON 6 STARTS NEXT WEEK!!!! BUT NO LUCAS AND PEYTON @_@ AH! && 90210 started yesterday!! I love that show too~ I think they should set the characters in college instead of high school... it'd be more believable.


Hello everyone~
Sorry I haven't updated in a while.
Been busy with the concert orders I took...
and class has started :(
I'll try to be back soon with my Japan Trip report.

A friend of mine on LJ is trying to sell one of her
Dream Boys ticket!
I actually bought one of my TegoMasu tickets from her~
So you can trust me that she's a honest seller :)
I would TOTALLY buy it if I wasn't so broke from my previous trip.
I'm dying to see Tegoshi on stage :'(


Seller: kikumarie 
Selling: 1 DREAMBOYS ticket (feat. Kamenashi Kazuya/Kat-tun, Shibutani subaru/Kanjani8 and Tegoshi Yuya/News)
Date: September 22nd (Subaru's birthday)
Time: 6pm
Place : Imperial theater Tokyo
Price : 30,000yen (willing to negotiate)